Opera Gala - November 2014


Kentish Opera, Stag Theatre, 21st November 2014

Kentish Opera's, Opera Gala at the Stag theatre was a showpiece of great Arias and orchestral pieces, very nicely collated and sang to a very high standard.

The huge cast of nearly 60 were and a superb orchestra conducted by Robyn Sevastos, this lady never fails in her work with the splendid chorus and orchestra. …Both together make a wonderful sound.

Once again Carol Stevenson your costume designs are impeccable just wonderful..

Set (Enid Stutt) was a static rostra and dressed to depict the opera this worked very well. Lighting was in mood with the scenes by Colin Martin.

Sally Langford Director once again worked her magic to give her audience and us a great solid and spectacular looking Gala.

Thank you Kentish Opera for asking my guest and I we enjoyed our evening as you can tell.

Gordon Harris

District 5

Photos taken at the Dress Rehearsals

Photos taken by Ken Brown - Sevenoaks Camera Club

























Photos taken by Andrew Waltham